Spice.ai CLI documentation

Detailed documentation on the Spice.ai CLI

The Spice.ai CLI is a set of commands to create and manage Spice.ai pods and interact with the Spice.ai runtime.


The Spice.ai CLI can be installed by:

  • Running curl https://install.spiceai.org | /bin/bash
  • Downloading the binary from GitHub Releases

The spice program will be added to the PATH automatically for bash, fish, and zsh shells.

After installing the Spice.ai CLI for the first time, ensuring you’ve got the correct version by running spice version. The Runtime version is not expected to be shown, as the runtime will be downloaded and installed automatically upon first run.

Getting started

For getting started with Spice.ai using the Spice.ai CLI, see the Getting Started Guide.

Use spice help for all commands and spice [command] --help for more information about a command.

A typical command-line workflow might be as follows:

# Start the runtime
spice run

In another terminal:

# Add a pod
spice add samples/gardener
# Re-train
spice train gardener

Common commands are:

spice addAdd a pod to spicepods
spice runStarts the Spice.ai runtime
spice trainStarts a pod training run
spice versionShows the Spice.ai CLI and runtime versions
spice helpHelp about any command
spice upgradeUpgrade the CLI to latest version

See Spice.ai CLI command reference for the full list of available commands.


To update to latest CLI, run the upgrade command.

spice upgrade

Upgrade command is supported from CLI v0.3.1. For version < 0.3.1 users have to re-run the install script.


The Spice.ai CLI is installed by default to $HOME/.spice/bin/spice and a line added to the shell config, such as .zshrc

It can be uninstalled by deleting the spice binary and removing the PATH addition from the rc file.

Find all of the Docker images that were installed by running:

docker image ls -f reference="ghcr.io/spiceai/*"

Spice.ai CLI command reference

Spice.ai CLI command reference