Spice.ai CLI command reference

Spice.ai CLI command reference



spice [command] [--help]

Full Command Reference

spice actionManage actions
spice addAdd a pod to spicepods
spice exportExport a pod
spice importImport a pod
spice initInitialize a new pod
spice rewardManages rewards
spice runStarts the Spice.ai runtime
spice trainStarts a pod training run
spice versionShows the Spice.ai CLI and runtime versions
spice helpHelp about any command
spice completionGenerates the autocompletion script for a shell
spice pods listRetrieve pods currently loaded in the runtime
spice upgradeUpgrade CLI to the latest version

Command Flags

All commands have a help flag –help or -h to print its usage documentation:

  • –help | -h : Print the help message


spice export <podname> [--tag <tag>] [--overwrite] [--output <directory>]
  • –tag : The tag to export the model from (default: “latest”)
  • –overwrite : Overwrite a file that already exists
  • –output | -o : The output directory (default: “.")


spice import <podname> [--tag <tag>]
  • –tag : Specify which tag to import the model to (default: “latest”)


spice run [--context <context>]
  • –context : Runs Spice.ai in the given context, either ‘docker’ or ‘metal’ (default: “docker”)


spice train [--context <context>] [--learning-algorithm <algorithm>]
  • –context : Runs Spice.ai in the given context, either ‘docker’ or ‘metal’ (default: “docker”)
  • –learning-algorithm : Train the pod with specified algorithm (default: “dql” or inherited from pod)
  • –loggers : Train the pod with the specified comma-seperated list of loggers


spice pods list