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Results Caching

Spice supports in-memory caching of query results, which is enabled by default for both the HTTP (/v1/sql) and Arrow Flight APIs.

Results caching can help improve performance for bursts of requests and for non-accelerated results such as refresh data returned on zero results.

Results caching employs a least-recently-used (LRU) cache replacement policy with the ability to specify an item expiry duration, which defaults to 1-second.

version: v1beta1
kind: Spicepod
name: app

enabled: true
cache_max_size: 128MiB
eviction_policy: lru
item_ttl: 1s
  • enabled - optional, true by default
  • cache_max_size - optional, maximum cache size. Default is 128MiB
  • eviction_policy - optional, cache replacement policy when the cached data reaches the cache_max_size. Default and only currently supported value is lru - least-recently-used (LRU)
  • item_ttl - optional, cache entry expiration duration, 1 second by default.