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Open Source Acknowledgements

Spice AI acknowledges the following open source projects for making this project possible:

Go Modules,, BSD-3-Clause,, MIT,, BSD-3-Clause,, MPL-2.0,, MPL-2.0,, MPL-2.0,, Unlicense,, BSD-2-Clause,, MIT,, Apache-2.0,, MIT,, MIT,, Apache-2.0,, MIT,, BSD-2-Clause,, Apache-2.0,, Apache-2.0,, BSD-3-Clause,, MIT,, Apache-2.0,, MIT,, Apache-2.0,, MIT,, BSD-3-Clause,, MIT,, MIT,, MIT,, MIT,, MIT,, BSD-3-Clause,, BSD-3-Clause,, BSD-3-Clause,, BSD-3-Clause,, Apache-2.0,, MIT,, Apache-2.0,, MIT

Rust Crates