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spice [command] [--help]

Full Command Reference

addAdd Pod - adds a pod to the project
catalogsList catalogs loaded by the Spice runtime
completionGenerate the autocompletion script for the specified shell
datasetDataset operations
datasetsLists datasets loaded by the Spice runtime
helpHelp about any command
initInitialize Pod - initializes a new pod in the project
loginLogin to the Platform
modelsLists models loaded by the Spice runtime
podsLists Spicepods loaded by the Spice runtime
refreshRefreshes an accelerated dataset loaded by the Spice runtime
runRun Spice - starts the Spice runtime, installing if necessary
sqlStart an interactive SQL query session against the Spice runtime
statusSpice runtime status
upgradeUpgrades the Spice CLI to the latest release
versionSpice CLI version

Command Flags

All commands have a help flag --help or -h to print its usage documentation:

  • --help | -h : Print the help message