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Data Accelerators

Data sourced by Data Connectors can be locally materialized and accelerated using a Data Accelerator.

A Data Accelerator will query/fetch data from a connected data source and store/update it locally in an embedded acceleration engine, such as DuckDB or SQLite. To set data refresh behavior, such as refreshing data on an interval see Data Refresh.

Dataset acceleration is enabled by setting the acceleration configuration. E.g.

- name: accelerated_dataset
enabled: true

For the complete reference specification see datasets.

By default, datasets will be locally materialized using in-memory Arrow records.

A choice of DuckDB, SQLite, or PostgreSQL engines can be used to materialize data, in-memory, on disk, or in attached databases.

Supported Data Accelerators include:

Engine NameDescriptionStatusEngine Modes
arrowIn-Memory Arrow RecordsAlphamemory
duckdbEmbedded DuckDBAlphamemory, file
sqliteEmbedded SQLiteAlphamemory, file
postgresAttached PostgreSQLAlpha

Data Types

Data Accelerators may not support all possible Apache Arrow data types. For complete compatibility, see specifications.

Data Accelerator Docs