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JetBrains DataGrip

  1. Start the Spice runtime with a dataset loaded. Follow the quickstart guide to get started.

  2. Download JetBrains DataGrip.

  3. Download the Apache Arrow Flight SQL JDBC driver - Select "Versions", tab click "Browse" on most recent version and then download flight-sql-jdbc-driver-<version>.jar.

  4. Launch DataGrip

  5. In Database Explorer menu, select "+" and choose "Driver" Data Sources and Drivers menu option

  6. Add the JSBC jar file:

    1. Click the "+" button in "Driver Files" selection
    2. Click the "Custom JARs" button
    3. Choose the flight-sql-jdbc-driver-<version>.jar jar file (the file downloaded in step 3 above) - and click "Open"
    4. Click the "Class:" selector
    5. Select org.apache.arrow.driver.jdbc.ArrowFlightJdbcDriver Driver Class selector
  7. Enter the driver settings:

    1. In the "Name" field - enter: Apache Arrow Flight SQL
    2. Add "URL Template" Default: jdbc:arrow-flight-sql://{host}:{port}\?useEncryption=false&disableCertificateVerification=true
    3. Click "Ok" Driver creation window
  8. Create a new Database Connection:

    1. In Database Explorer menu, select "+", choose "Data Source" > "Arrow Flight JDBC"
    2. Set the host to localhost and the port to 50051
    3. In "Authentication" select "No auth"
    4. Click "Test Connection" to verify

New Data Source

  1. Run a query:
    1. Right-click on the connection in Database Explorer and choose "New" > "Query Console" Create new Query Console
    2. In the Console window - add a query - something like: SELECT * FROM taxi_trips; and click the triangle button to execute the SQL statement
    3. See the query results: Query Results

DataGrip is now configured to query the Spice runtime using SQL! 🎉